August 11, 2011


I've been learning a lot about my own guts, and my own soul. Without further ado I would like to share this with you, hopefully it may be helpful to someone or other... This is my own personal exploration of the seven Chakras, their implications as seven aspects of my being, why they become blocked, and how to un-block them. I still have much to learn, this is just something I felt I should share:

Chakra / Bent aspect / True aspect / Cure

Root / Fear / Courage / Naming your fears
Recognize that the frightening things in your life are the door to Wisdom and walk on through.

Sacral / Control / Playfulness / Relax – no Judgement or expectations
Accept others and yourself as you are – don’t manipulate life, instead release any attempt to control and let life bring you it’s true pleasures.

Solar / Guilt / Freedom / Honesty – say what you mean
Not letting your true self shine burns you up inside – accept your unique identity and let G-d’s design shine from within you. Always speak the truth.

Heart / Depression / Love / Surrender to Love
Let love in, open your heart – it will hurt, but you will be transformed for the better.

Throat / Bottling up / Expression / Spontaneous words and sounds
Open the vent, don’t fail to process your reactions to life – spontaneity gets the flow started.

Third Eye / Fretfulness / Fruitfulness / Breathing / Prayer
Breathing mindfully and practicing mindfulness in all areas releases you from the grip of anxiety, which is future-based – don’t live in the future, live now.

Crown / Greed / Ultimate Wisdom / Dancing shakes off attachments
Let go of the need for material luxury by dancing, spinning, shaking – and you will realize the interconnectedness and impermanence of all life.

The Pink Presence of Pure spirit (Shekhinah) completes the circuit and permeates all the chakras. We are circular beings. This is how “Enlightenment” (living true to the spark of eternity within you) can be reached through the ascetic path (through the Crown) or the tantric path (through the Root). Whether you ascend or descend, G-d is there, loving unceasingly.

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