December 10, 2009

Undercurrent #2

I think I can safely say that Love is the undercurrent of all things. Thank you, Robert Henri, for posing the question in the first place. (in his book "The Art Spirit")

I don't know if it will make me a better painter though, just knowing that fact. Maybe it will...

This post has been sponsored by the color Green, and the letter C - as in current, creation, compassion.



November 7, 2009



All this time
I've toed the line
'twixt dark and light
and held the night
to be a place
of barren space
knowing not
that though my thoughts
were dark and dense
and couldn't sense
the starlit calm
it held a balm
as thick as light
though aught was bright
in all the caves
where I have laid
pressed upon
and far from dawn
all the land
of salt and sand
deserts vast
I've ambled past
dried-out bones
and pillow stones
yet in the dark
a gentle spark
the one who waits
I always knew
I ran from You
but did not rate
a size so great
that though I ran
toward any land

I'd always run to You


October 14, 2009

Undercurrent #1

It's amazing to me how the times in which I am the most humbled and desperate in my personal life are also the times in which I connect in the most profound ways with other women.