March 23, 2011


Have you ever looked at someone and seen their soul? Did you forget your self, your selfish existence, step outside your body and see only the light shining from the face of your friend?

When that happened, it changed my perspective. Nothing ever seems linear to me anyway, but this has knocked me back a few steps and made me perceive the world in the round.

I've been scratching and digging at the seams of my shell, trying to splinter it to bits. I don't want to live here anymore. It's not that I have the urge to self-destruct - I'm just tired of living for only myself. Dissolve. Join the River.

There's a dance of righteous abandon going on right under my nose; beneath my skin. I'll never feel it if I stare too long and hard at my own bellybutton. The dance demands the abandonment of me. I want to be a vehicle of Love. I don't want to be clinging, gripping, chewing on five-day old apple cores just to fill the void in my belly, when there's so much to GIVE around here. Join the flow and forget your self.

"Rub your eyes and look again with love at love" -Rumi

Come, Beloved, 2011, דבורה

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