November 29, 2010

The Imagination Game

I'm laying on the ground, and I see a small branch start to grow up my spine, out of my belly and through the top of my head. It's expanding into bigger branches and small, twiggy branches are popping out all over the place. Soon, there's just a tree, no more me, and I see broad green leaves and tiny gold leaves springing into existence. There are red berries and tiny, puff-ball birds of rainbow hues. The tree becomes a transmission tower, spreading sonic waves of gold, pink and turquoise blue through the air. Suddenly, a bark monster is attacking the tree, eating parts of it, and honey is dripping everywhere. The story has gone sour, so I crack the image like dry, brittle ground, and blow it away...

I see an upside-down triangle... I think it's made of chocolate. I'm gonna try to eat it; I like chocolate. I take a few bites and soon it's gone. But wait! I've unleashed a massive chocolate tornado, spouting down from the sky! Now it multiplies and the sky is full of nothing but chocolate tornadoes, and chocolate clouds, casting a brown shade over the landscape of rolling hills, houses and scratchety powerlines...

I see jellyfish, they become furry seeds, then they turn into comets, which become planets, then lightsabers, now they're tiny decorative light bulbs, which turn into wine bottles, beer bottles, then they become lightbulbs, and explode and expand into the entire universe!*

what do you see in your mind's eye?

*I am not high on anything but life :P

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  1. I stumbled upon your blog while following Peer Pressure Is Forever, and I really enjoy your writs. So, I'm going to follow you.